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    Wayne Rooney - The English Footballer amulyam quiz answers

    1 of 15:In which position does Wayne Rooney play?
    A) Attacking Midfielder (17%)
    B) Striker (40%)
    C) Forward (39%)
    D) Left Wing (4%)
    Answer: C
    2 of 15:What is Wayne Rooney's middle name?
    A) Thomas (24%)
    B) James (22%)
    C) Mark (40%)
    D) Smith (14%)
    Answer: C
    3 of 15:How old is Rooney?
    A) 26 (45%)
    B) 27 (23%)
    C) 28 (21%)
    D) 29 (11%)
    Answer: A
    4 of 15:What shirt number does Rooney wear for Manchester United ?
    A) 7 (6%)
    B) 8 (14%)
    C) 9 (17%)
    D) 10 (62%)
    Answer: D
    5 of 15:Wayne Rooney became a very popular young star in the Premiership by scoring a magnificent goal against Arsenal. After he scored that goal, many things happened. Out of these choices, which of these did NOT happen after he scored that goal?
    A) That Became His 15th Goal for Everton. (40%)
    B) He Became the Youngest Goal Scorer in the Premiership. (30%)
    C) He Ended Arsenal's 30-match Unbeaten Run. (22%)
    D) He Achieved the BBC Sports Young Personality of the Year Award. (9%)
    Answer: A
    6 of 15:In Everton, he made 77 appearances (both youth and professional). How many goals were he able to score?
    A) 27 (26%)
    B) 1 (21%)
    C) 17 (43%)
    D) 15 (10%)
    Answer: C
    7 of 15:How old was Wayne Rooney when he joined Manchester United?
    A) 16 (16%)
    B) 17 (22%)
    C) 18 (37%)
    D) 19 (25%)
    Answer: C
    8 of 15:At Manchester United, Wayne Rooney scored his first ever hat-trick professionally against which team?
    A) Fenerbahce (31%)
    B) Everton (31%)
    C) Wigan Athletic (21%)
    D) Wolverhampton Wanderers (16%)
    Answer: A
    9 of 15:Since Wayne Rooney joined Manchester United, which of these leagues or tournaments was he able to win with the team first?
    A) Since Wayne Rooney Joined Manchester United, the Team Hasn't Received Any Medal Yet (11%)
    B) Premier League (39%)
    C) FA Cup (29%)
    D) League Cup (21%)
    Answer: D
    10 of 15:What did the English Schools' Football Association (ESFA) claim about Wayne Rooney?
    A) An Excellent Role Model (31%)
    B) Not a Good Role Model (29%)
    C) A Drug Addict (20%)
    D) The ESFA Didn't Claim Anything About Him (21%)
    Answer: B
    11 of 15:In Euro 2004, Wayne Rooney became the youngest ever England scorer in European Football Championships. Which team did he score against?
    A) Portugal (28%)
    B) Switzerland (47%)
    C) Albania (17%)
    D) Serbia and Montenegro (8%)
    Answer: B
    12 of 15:Wayne Rooney became a big problem for England in the 2006 World Cup after he suffered a huge injury. However, he did play in the 2006 World Cup. Against which team did he first play?
    A) Sweden (33%)
    B) Ecuador (24%)
    C) Paraguay (21%)
    D) Trinidad & Tobago (22%)
    Answer: D
    13 of 15:In the quarter-finals of the 2006 World Cup, Wayne Rooney was sent off against Portugal. He got sent off after stamping on which player?
    A) Cristiano Ronaldo (30%)
    B) Pauleta (22%)
    C) Deco (21%)
    D) Ricardo Carvalho (26%)
    Answer: D
    14 of 15:As of 2011, Rooney is the third highest-paid footballer in the world. Which of the following pair of players occupy the first and the second spot in this category?
    A) Lionel Messi and David Villa (23%)
    B) Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo (49%)
    C) David Villa and Cristiano Ronaldo (24%)
    D) None of the Above (5%)
    Answer: B
    15 of 15:Along with David Beckham, Rooney is the most red carded player for England, having been sent off how many times ?
    A) 2 (19%)
    B) 3 (27%)
    C) 4 (30%)
    D) 5 (24%)
    Answer: A

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