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    Anything is Good if Its Made of Chocolate! amulyam quiz answers

    1 of 20:It's plain to see that this is the most popular ice cream flavor. What is it?
    A) Chocolate (25%)
    B) Vanilla (42%)
    C) Strawberry (12%)
    D) Cookie Dough (21%)
    Answer: B
    2 of 20:"Wet walnuts" are an ice cream topping that contains walnuts, but what other ingredients make the walnuts wet?
    A) Maple Syrup (33%)
    B) Saltwater (13%)
    C) Condensed Milk (22%)
    D) Chocolate Syrup (32%)
    Answer: A
    3 of 20:A "split" sundae most often consists of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice creams topped with chocolate sauce and strawberry and pineapple toppings served between two halves of what fruit?
    A) Apple (13%)
    B) Grapefruit (23%)
    C) Pear (18%)
    D) Banana (47%)
    Answer: D
    4 of 20:A Peach Melba sundae consists of vanilla ice cream served with peaches and Melba sauce. What is Melba sauce?
    A) Strawberry Sauce (43%)
    B) Dark Chocolate Sauce (21%)
    C) Raspberry Sauce (34%)
    D) Mint Sauce (3%)
    Answer: C
    5 of 20:Bananas Foster consist of vanilla ice cream covered in bananas, but how are the bananas prepared?
    A) They Are Set on Fire. (24%)
    B) They Are Mashed Into a Paste or "mush". (30%)
    C) They Are Served Frozen. (36%)
    D) They Are Served Unpeeled. (10%)
    Answer: A
    6 of 20:Baked Alaska is an ice cream dessert that is placed in a hot oven. What prevents the ice cream from melting?
    A) Meringue (23%)
    B) Cherry Topping (18%)
    C) A Ceramic Lid (31%)
    D) The Ice Cream is Frozen Really Well and the Cook Works Quickly (28%)
    Answer: A
    7 of 20:This sweet topping might be described as a pourable or spreadable form of marshmallows. What is it?
    A) Marshmallow Stuff (33%)
    B) Marshmallow Soup (29%)
    C) Marshmallow Guts (16%)
    D) Marshmallow Fluff (22%)
    Answer: D
    8 of 20:What sundae is made with vanilla ice cream, pecans, caramel sauce, and hot fudge?
    A) Choconut (32%)
    B) Brown Cow (38%)
    C) Platypus (17%)
    D) Turtle (12%)
    Answer: D
    9 of 20:What type of cherry is usually placed on top of a sundae?
    A) Maraschino (27%)
    B) Merashino (33%)
    C) Marrichino (26%)
    D) Marresheeno (13%)
    Answer: A
    10 of 20:Fried ice cream is a dessert where balls of ice cream are placed in hot oil. What prevents the ice cream from melting?
    A) The Cornflake Coating (18%)
    B) Meringue (28%)
    C) The Ice Cream is Frozen Really Well and the Cook Works Quickly. (39%)
    D) A Ceramic Lid (15%)
    Answer: C
    11 of 20:According to popular belief, why are sundaes called "sundaes"?
    A) Because "mondaes" Was Not a Popular Name for the Dessert. (11%)
    B) Jacob Sundae Invented the First Ice Cream Sundae at the World's Fair. (44%)
    C) It Was Illegal to Serve Ice Cream on Sundays. (31%)
    D) They Were Traditionally Served at After-service Church Socials in Wisconsin. (14%)
    Answer: C
    12 of 20:Which city claims to be the birthplace of the sundae?
    A) Two Rivers, Wisconsin (15%)
    B) Ithaca, New York (29%)
    C) Evanston, Illinois (27%)
    D) All of Them (29%)
    Answer: D
    13 of 20:The most expensive ice cream sundae is served at the "Serendipity 3" restaurant in Manhattan. It's called the "Grand Opulence" Sundae, but how much does one cost?
    A) $1000 (40%)
    B) $2000 (31%)
    C) $1500 (22%)
    D) $2500 (7%)
    Answer: A
    14 of 20:What type of cream is usually served on a sundae?
    A) Whipped Cream (40%)
    B) Cream Cheese (32%)
    C) Sour Cream (16%)
    D) Cream of Wheat (12%)
    Answer: A
    15 of 20:If you're a fan of ice cream, be careful when ordering a sundae in this country, where it means a kind of blood sausage. What country is it?
    A) Iceland (32%)
    B) Korea (39%)
    C) Hungary (20%)
    D) South Africa (8%)
    Answer: B
    16 of 20:Which one of the following is not a flavor in Neapolitan Ice cream?
    A) Chocolate (10%)
    B) Chocolate Chip (39%)
    C) Strawberry (29%)
    D) Vanilla (22%)
    Answer: B
    17 of 20:On Beverly Hills 90210 what flavor of ice cream was eaten at the Walsh House during times of crisis?
    A) Butter Pecan (27%)
    B) Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (36%)
    C) Chocolate Mocha (22%)
    D) French Vanilla (15%)
    Answer: A
    18 of 20:Which of the following is not one of the three standard banana split toppings?
    A) Chocolate (11%)
    B) Pineapple (29%)
    C) Strawberry (29%)
    D) Butterscotch (30%)
    Answer: D
    19 of 20:In the US, ice cream and pie served together is called?
    A) Pie in a Boat (28%)
    B) Pie a La Mode (39%)
    C) Pie Float (24%)
    D) Pie in a Moat (9%)
    Answer: B
    20 of 20:What kind of cookie (milk's favorite) is often used in cookies and cream ice cream?
    A) Ben and Jerry's (36%)
    B) Kwality Walls (35%)
    C) Chips Ahoy (21%)
    D) Snickerdoodles (9%)
    Answer: A

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