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    Chinese New Year Celebrations all quiz answers

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    1 of 20: The Chinese New Year celebration lasts how many days?
    A) 7 (26%)
    B) 12 (33%)
    C) 15 (41%)
    Answer : C
    2 of 20: Which animal is NOT used to designate one of the 12 years of the Chinese calendar cycle?
    A) Snake (33%)
    B) Goat (57%)
    C) Rat (10%)
    Answer : B
    3 of 20: Chinese New Year is associated with which season?
    A) Spring (47%)
    B) Winter (30%)
    C) Autumn (23%)
    Answer : A
    4 of 20: The traditional Chinese calendar is based on which cycle?
    A) Solar (19%)
    B) Lunar (36%)
    C) Both Solar and Lunar (44%)
    Answer : C
    5 of 20: Chinese New Year customs are derived from which religion?
    A) Buddhism (30%)
    B) Taoism (28%)
    C) Both of These (41%)
    Answer : C
    6 of 20: The traditional Chinese calendar keeps in sync with the seasons by periodically adding what?
    A) an Extra Month (43%)
    B) an Extra Day (30%)
    C) a Lunar Synapse (27%)
    Answer : A
    7 of 20: Which is the traditional color associated with Chinese New Year?
    A) Gold (27%)
    B) Red (62%)
    C) Green (11%)
    Answer : B
    8 of 20: It is considered bad luck during Chinese New Year to do what?
    A) Break a Bowl (50%)
    B) Eat Fish (33%)
    C) Wear Red (17%)
    Answer : A
    9 of 20: What's the most popular way to celebrate the New Year in China?
    A) Bathing in the River (21%)
    B) Drinking Plum Brandy (42%)
    C) Going Home (47%)
    Answer : C
    10 of 20: Sweeping and cleaning are important activities on Chinese New Year's Day.
    A) True (53%)
    B) False (57%)
    Answer : B
    11 of 20: Which is a prominent feature of the time just before New Year in China?
    A) Huge Traffic Jams (45%)
    B) the Dragon Dance (42%)
    C) Fireworks (13%)
    Answer : A
    12 of 20: Which deity is traditionally renewed when families burn its image before Chinese New Year?
    A) the Closet God (30%)
    B) the Parlor Spirit (38%)
    C) the Kitchen God (51%)
    Answer : C
    13 of 20: Chinese New Year was renamed the Spring Festival in which year?
    A) 1912 (42%)
    B) 1949 (39%)
    C) 1986 (19%)
    Answer : A
    14 of 20: How long is New Year vacation for most workers in China?
    A) 3 Days (16%)
    B) 15 Days (43%)
    C) 7 Days (45%)
    Answer : C
    15 of 20: The seventh day of the New Year in China has what significance?
    A) It's Everybody's Birthday. (47%)
    B) It's the Feast of Lions. (36%)
    C) It's the Day to Pay All Debts. (17%)
    Answer : A
    16 of 20: Which of these is a modern custom associated with Chinese New Year?
    A) Working Extra Hours (30%)
    B) Racing Cars (31%)
    C) Watching Television (39%)
    Answer : C
    17 of 20: Lunar New Year is celebrated in Vietnam, where it is called what?
    A) Wat (28%)
    B) Bok (38%)
    C) Tet (44%)
    Answer : C
    18 of 20: What do people put in the red envelopes they give out for Chinese New Year?
    A) Family Pictures (34%)
    B) Lucky Sayings (33%)
    C) Money (38%)
    Answer : C
    19 of 20: Which dance is commonly performed on the last day of the Chinese New Year celebration?
    A) the Monkey Dance (16%)
    B) the Fox Trot (38%)
    C) the Dragon Dance (46%)
    Answer : C
    20 of 20: The dragon in China is a symbol of what?
    A) Disaster (15%)
    B) Caution (29%)
    C) Good Luck (56%)
    Answer : C

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