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    Zee Tv's Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke all quiz answers

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    1 of 9: 'Gunjan' is a cute and naughty girl in this serial. Who is playing this role?
    A) Rupal Patel (28%)
    B) Rupal Tyagi (52%)
    C) Rupal Verma (20%)
    Answer : B
    2 of 9: Which family describes sapne suhane ladakpan ke?
    A) Singhania Family (14%)
    B) Aggarwal Family (19%)
    C) Garg Family (67%)
    Answer : C
    3 of 9: Guess the name of this girl who is playing an important role in the serial. She is also winner of one of roadies season?
    A) Aanchal Khurrana, Charu (74%)
    B) Mahima Makwana, Charu (21%)
    C) Vaishnavi Merchant, Chaya (5%)
    Answer : A
    4 of 9: Ankit Gera was known as Adarsh in the serial 'PRATIGYA' . What is his name in this serial?
    A) Mayank (84%)
    B) Rajeev (10%)
    C) Vihaan (6%)
    Answer : A
    5 of 9: On what date the show aired on zee tv?
    A) 21 June, 2012 (23%)
    B) 21 May, 2012 (71%)
    C) 30 June, 2012 (6%)
    Answer : B
    6 of 9: Who has played the role of gunjan's mother sneha?
    A) Shruti Kanwar (22%)
    B) Vaishnavi Merchant (21%)
    C) Manasi Salvi (57%)
    Answer : C
    7 of 9: What is the real name of Rachna?
    A) Mahima Sharma (25%)
    B) Mahima Chopra (12%)
    C) Mahima Makhwana (63%)
    Answer : C
    8 of 9: Vaishnavi Merchant is playing very sweet role of housewife who handles all relations affectionately. What is the name of her character?
    A) Seema (12%)
    B) Shail Dayal Garg (82%)
    C) Sangeetha (6%)
    Answer : B
    9 of 9: What is the name of Rachna and gunjan's teacher who guides them very well and also rachana's hockey coach?
    A) Rajeev (80%)
    B) Aditya (11%)
    C) Vihaan (8%)
    Answer : A

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