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    Wonders of the World all quiz questions and answers

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    1 of 14: How many natural wonders are there in the world?
    A) 5 (27%)
    B) 9 (21%)
    C) 8 (20%)
    D) 7 (32%)
    Answer : D
    2 of 14: What potentially new natural wonder is recognized for having the highest tides on the planet?
    A) Bay of Fundy in Canada (57%)
    B) Southern California Coast (28%)
    C) Long Bay in Vietnam (15%)
    Answer : A
    3 of 14: Which one of the following is part of an alternative list known as "Seven Wonders of the Underwater World"?
    A) Dead Sea (25%)
    B) Lake Baikal (52%)
    C) Niagara Falls (23%)
    Answer : B
    4 of 14: Which of the following mountains usually is included as an official natural wonder?
    A) Mount Everest in Nepal (69%)
    B) The Andes Mountain Peak Cerro Aconcagua in Argentina (16%)
    C) Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania (15%)
    Answer : A
    5 of 14: Which of the following is Africa's entry into the natural wonders list?
    A) Mount Kilimanjaro (25%)
    B) Victoria Falls (50%)
    C) the Pyramids of Egypt (25%)
    Answer : B
    6 of 14: How many of the world's listed natural wonders are underwater?
    A) None (21%)
    B) 2 (27%)
    C) 1 (52%)
    Answer : C
    7 of 14: Why is Guanabara Bay, or the Harbor of Rio de Janeiro, considered a natural wonder?
    A) Guanabara is the Southernmost Bay in the World. (22%)
    B) The Bay is Still Changing and Forming (29%)
    C) It's a Natural Wonder Because of Its Size. (49%)
    Answer : C
    8 of 14: In 2006, the newspaper USA Today named a list of New Seven Wonders, which included technological advances, historical places and also some natural wonders. Which one of the following made the list?
    A) Polar Ice Caps (51%)
    B) Great Barrier Reef (30%)
    C) Mount Everest (20%)
    Answer : A
    9 of 14: Besides being a natural wonder, the Great Barrier Reef also is:
    A) on the National Register of Historical Places (20%)
    B) Listed as a World Heritage Site (62%)
    C) Tourism Spot (18%)
    Answer : B
    10 of 14: What makes the Paricutin Volcano near Mexico City such a unique natural wonder?
    A) It Has Never Erupted. (18%)
    B) It's Made Up Entirely of Black Rocks. (32%)
    C) It Didn't Exist Until 1943. (50%)
    Answer : C
    11 of 14: Which of these natural wonders is a bit controversial regarding its "natural" status?
    A) Victoria Falls (26%)
    B) the Grand Canyon (23%)
    C) the Harbor of Rio De Janeiro (51%)
    Answer : C
    12 of 14: How tall are the Victoria Falls?
    A) 360 Feet (109.7 Meters) (57%)
    B) 499 Feet (152.1 Meters) (25%)
    C) 730 Feet (222.5 Meters) (18%)
    Answer : A
    13 of 14: What natural wonder has had plenty of ancient and modern impact?
    A) Mount Vesuvius (54%)
    B) Mount St. Helens (25%)
    C) Mud Volcanoes of Azerbaijan (22%)
    Answer : A
    14 of 14: The Grand Canyon is located in which state?
    A) Arizona (58%)
    B) Colorado (23%)
    C) New Mexico (19%)
    Answer : A

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