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    What River Was Jesus Baptized In? all questions and answers

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    1 of 10: What did King Solomon ask God to give him?
    A) Wisdom (58%)
    B) Wealth (24%)
    C) Power (18%)
    Answer : A
    2 of 10: What river was Jesus baptized in?
    A) Nile (13%)
    B) Jordan (81%)
    C) Tigris (6%)
    Answer : B
    3 of 10: What was the first miracle of Jesus recorded in the Bible?
    A) Turning the Water Into Wine (69%)
    B) Turning Five Bread to 5000 (14%)
    C) Healing of the Eyesight (17%)
    Answer : A
    4 of 10: What kind of work did Zacchaeus do?
    A) Tax Collector (70%)
    B) Money Lender (24%)
    C) Minister (6%)
    Answer : A
    5 of 10: When Jesus was on the Mount of Transfiguration, who were the Old Testament men who appeared with Him?
    A) Moses and Elijah (68%)
    B) Moses and Aeron (21%)
    C) Aeron and Samuel (11%)
    Answer : A
    6 of 10: Who was in prison with Paul in Philippi when they were singing and there was an earthquake?
    A) Timoty (22%)
    B) Silas (57%)
    C) Peter (21%)
    Answer : B
    7 of 10: How many of each animal did Moses bring into the Ark?
    A) 56 (21%)
    B) 78 (22%)
    C) None (57%)
    Answer : C
    8 of 10: Who's offering was respected by god at first?
    A) Caine (17%)
    B) Habel (57%)
    C) Adam (26%)
    Answer : B
    9 of 10: Who walked with God and was taken sooner by Him?
    A) Adam (18%)
    B) Moses (35%)
    C) Hanok (47%)
    Answer : C
    10 of 10: What was the name of Abraham's Son?
    A) Issac (73%)
    B) Jacob (21%)
    C) Noah (6%)
    Answer : A

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