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    Religare Securities all questions and answers

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    1 of 4: A trading account is used to place ?
    A) Savings Account (37%)
    B) Current Account (20%)
    C) Buy or Sell Orders in the Stock Market (51%)
    D) Credit Card Account. (11%)
    Answer : C
    2 of 4: What is Demat account
    A) Buy and Sell of Share Trading Record is Maintained. (85%)
    B) Savings Account (5%)
    C) Current Account (5%)
    D) Credit Card Account (5%)
    Answer : A
    3 of 4: When was Religare Online Share Trading started
    A) 1994 (55%)
    B) 1995 (12%)
    C) 1996 (16%)
    D) 2000 (18%)
    Answer : A
    4 of 4: For How many months 100% free brokerage credit is given by Religare Broking ?
    A) 0 Months (10%)
    B) 1 Months (56%)
    C) 2 Months (12%)
    D) 3 Months (22%)
    Answer : B

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