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    Uttam Kumar: Greatest Actor Of Bengali Cinema all questions and answers

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    1 of 7: Uttam Kumar is widely known as?
    A) Super Star (20%)
    B) Real Hero (23%)
    C) Mahanayak (56%)
    Answer : C
    2 of 7: Uttam Kumar was the eldest of three sons of?
    A) Satkari Chatterjee (78%)
    B) Shakti Chatterjee (12%)
    C) Santanu Chatterjee (10%)
    Answer : A
    3 of 7: Uttam's first release was?
    A) Maya Mriga (13%)
    B) Drishtidan (82%)
    C) Sesh Anka (5%)
    Answer : B
    4 of 7: Uttam Kumar came into prominence in the film Basu Paribar and his breakthrough film was?
    A) Saptapadi (18%)
    B) Sonar Harin (8%)
    C) Agni Pariksha (74%)
    Answer : C
    5 of 7: Uttam Kumar worked with Satyajit Ray for which Film?
    A) Drishtidan (1960) (30%)
    B) Nayak (1966) (67%)
    C) Kalyug (1964) (4%)
    Answer : B
    6 of 7: Uttam Kumar won B.F.J.A Best Actor award for which film in 1974?
    A) Amanush (83%)
    B) Harano Sur (9%)
    C) Nayak (8%)
    Answer : A
    7 of 7: Who said the lines, "Uttam Kumar is my guru. From my childhood, I am a diehard Uttam fan"?
    A) Satyajit Ray (8%)
    B) Mithun Chakraborty (87%)
    C) Shashi Kapoor (5%)
    Answer : B

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