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    Krishna, The Enchanting Avatar of Vishnu all quiz answers

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    1 of 7: Lord Krishna is considered which avatar of Lord Vishnu?
    A) 6th Avtar (16%)
    B) 7th Avtar (14%)
    C) 8th Avtar (70%)
    Answer : C
    2 of 7: Devaki and Vasudeva had Krishna as their?
    A) 7th Son (8%)
    B) 8th Child (87%)
    C) 9th Child (5%)
    Answer : B
    3 of 7: Krishna was born in?
    A) Mathura (84%)
    B) Gokul (7%)
    C) Dwarka (9%)
    Answer : A
    4 of 7: Which river did Vasudeva cross when he took Krishna with him from Mathura?
    A) Yamuna (94%)
    B) Ganga (5%)
    C) Satluj (1%)
    Answer : A
    5 of 7: What are the celebrations associated with Janmashtami?
    A) Dahi Handi (10%)
    B) Raslila (2%)
    C) Fasting Till Midnight (2%)
    D) Swinging Baby Krishna Idol (3%)
    Answer : E
    6 of 7: Krishna's brother name?
    A) Ram (1%)
    B) Sudama (2%)
    C) Balarama (98%)
    Answer : C
    7 of 7: Krishna is also called as?
    A) Govinda (2%)
    B) Vasudeva (1%)
    C) Gopala (5%)
    D) All of the Above (92%)
    Answer : D

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