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    1 of 8: Which of These Actress obtained a Triple Degree from Manchester Business School?
    A) Amisha Patel (29%)
    B) Minisha Lamba (34%)
    C) Parineeti Chopra (36%)
    Answer : C
    2 of 8: In which Country No Pig may be called Napoleon by its Owner?
    A) China (19%)
    B) France (63%)
    C) Italy (18%)
    Answer : B
    3 of 8: In This Country it is Illegal to Die in Parliament?
    A) United Kingdom (61%)
    B) India (10%)
    C) Swaziland (28%)
    Answer : A
    4 of 8: In this Country it is Illegal to Forget Wife's Birthday?
    A) Israel (17%)
    B) Samoa (72%)
    C) Swaziland (11%)
    Answer : B
    5 of 8: In this Country it is against the Law to Pee in the ocean?
    A) Chelsia (20%)
    B) Netherland (32%)
    C) Portugal (48%)
    Answer : C
    6 of 8: In this Country it is Illegal to Pay in Change?
    A) Canada (43%)
    B) England (31%)
    C) Germany (26%)
    Answer : A
    7 of 8: Camel Wrestling is Famous in this Country?
    A) Germany (9%)
    B) Turkey (76%)
    C) Thailand (15%)
    Answer : B
    8 of 8: In which of these you can buy Pepsi Flavoured Potato Chips?
    A) Japan (32%)
    B) China (45%)
    C) India (23%)
    Answer : B

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