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    How Much You Know About Harry Potter Series? all amulyam quiz answers

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    1 of 10: What is the family name of Harry's friend Ron?
    A) Malfoy (23%)
    B) Weasley (64%)
    C) Granger (13%)
    Answer : B
    2 of 10: Which house did Tom Riddle belong to in Harry Potter series?
    A) Gryffindor (20%)
    B) Slytherin (72%)
    C) Ravenclaw (7%)
    Answer : B
    3 of 10: What is the transformation figure of Prof. Minerva McGonagall?
    A) Cat (84%)
    B) Dog (6%)
    C) Eagle (10%)
    Answer : A
    4 of 10: What are the objects within which Voldemort encapsulates his soul called?
    A) Goblin Cups (12%)
    B) Sneekers (10%)
    C) Horcruxes (79%)
    Answer : C
    5 of 10: What is the death spell called??
    A) Avada Kedavra Curse (78%)
    B) Cruciatus Curse (16%)
    C) Conjunctivitis Curse (6%)
    Answer : A
    6 of 10: Who is called Half Blood prince?
    A) Lord Voldemort (12%)
    B) Harry Potter (13%)
    C) Professor Snape (75%)
    Answer : C
    7 of 10: What is the name of creature who rescued Sirius Black in Third part of Harry Potter series??
    A) Buckbeak (77%)
    B) Hedwig (15%)
    C) Scabbers (8%)
    Answer : A
    8 of 10: What are the names of twin brothers of Ron?
    A) Fred and George (85%)
    B) Bruce and Charlie (10%)
    C) Lupin and Hagrid (5%)
    Answer : A
    9 of 10: What is the name of the dragon Harry faces in triwizard tournament?
    A) Swedish Short-Snout (14%)
    B) Hungarian Horntail (79%)
    C) Common Welsh Green (7%)
    Answer : B
    10 of 10: What are the followers of Lord Voldermort called?
    A) Order Of Phoenix (13%)
    B) Death Eaters (76%)
    C) Dementors (12%)
    Answer : B

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