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    Data Structures Using C all quiz answers

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    1 of 8: _____________ Memory is Volatile.
    A) Both 2&3 (56%)
    B) Main (17%)
    C) Random Access (47%)
    Answer : A
    2 of 8: An _________ data type is a keyword of a programming language that specifies the amount of memory needed to store data and the kind of data that will be stored in that memory location
    A) Abstract (56%)
    B) Vector (24%)
    C) None of These (20%)
    Answer : A
    3 of 8: Which of the following abstract data types are NOT used by Integer Abstract Data type group?
    A) Short (30%)
    B) Int (17%)
    C) Float (53%)
    Answer : C
    4 of 8: _________ is the common programming technique used for hashing in all hashing functions.
    A) Cloning (15%)
    B) Bit Shifting (52%)
    C) Hashmapping (43%)
    Answer : B
    5 of 8: Value of the first linked list index is _______
    A) 1 (15%)
    B) -1. (19%)
    C) Zero (66%)
    Answer : C
    6 of 8: A linked list index is ______ that represents the position of a node in a linked list.
    A) An Integer (59%)
    B) a Variable (31%)
    C) a character (10%)
    Answer : A
    7 of 8: New nodes are added to the _____ of the queue.
    A) Back (49%)
    B) Front (38%)
    C) Middle (13%)
    Answer : A
    8 of 8: In an array queue, data is stored in an _____ element.
    A) Array (61%)
    B) Constructor (22%)
    C) Node (17%)
    Answer : A

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