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    National Trophies & Cups of India all amulyam quiz answers

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    1 of 9: Name of the cup given fir hockey in india
    A) Aga Khan Cup (62%)
    B) Ezar Cup (12%)
    C) Irani Cup (22%)
    D) Nizam Gold Cup (5%)
    Answer : A
    2 of 9: Berna bellack cup is given in india for what game
    A) Table Tennis (88%)
    B) Badminton (6%)
    C) Cricket (1%)
    D) None of These (4%)
    Answer : A
    3 of 9: Duleep trophy is awarded in india for what game
    A) Cricket (92%)
    B) Football (3%)
    C) Hockey (4%)
    D) None of These (0%)
    Answer : A
    4 of 9: What is the name of trophy given for polo in india
    A) Ranjit Trophi (5%)
    B) Vizzy Trophy (7%)
    C) Ezar Cup (87%)
    D) None of These (1%)
    Answer : C
    5 of 9: Guru nanak champ cup is given for what game in india
    A) Hockey (6%)
    B) Hockey (men) (7%)
    C) Hockey(women) (86%)
    D) Football (2%)
    Answer : C
    6 of 9: Irani cup is given for what purpose in india
    A) Cricket (91%)
    B) All Sports (2%)
    C) Football (6%)
    D) Bike Racing (2%)
    Answer : A
    7 of 9: What the name of cups given for football in india
    A) Santosh Trophy& Vizzy Trophy (8%)
    B) Yadavindara Cup & Ranjit Trophy (3%)
    C) Nizam Gold Cup& Santosh Trophy (87%)
    D) Non of These (2%)
    Answer : C
    8 of 9: Yadavindra cup is given for which game
    A) Cricket (4%)
    B) Hockey (83%)
    C) Tennis (7%)
    D) Tennis & Hockey (6%)
    Answer : B
    9 of 9: For which game ranjit trophy is given
    A) Cricket (94%)
    B) None of These (1%)
    C) Hockey (2%)
    D) Both of These (2%)
    Answer : A

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