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    Guardians of the Galaxy all amulyam answers

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    1 of 6: Who directed the film guardians of galaxy ?
    A) James Gunn (40%)
    B) Kevin Anderson (37%)
    C) Nicole Perlan (22%)
    Answer : A
    2 of 6: Who adopted gamora ?
    A) Nova Prime (13%)
    B) Ronan (17%)
    C) Thanos (70%)
    Answer : C
    3 of 6: Who is this
    A) Rodent (11%)
    B) Groot (86%)
    C) Ronan (3%)
    Answer : B
    4 of 6: Who distributed this film
    A) Marvel Studios (17%)
    B) Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (80%)
    C) Shepperton Studios (3%)
    Answer : B
    5 of 6: What is the name of this stone
    A) Dark Stone (15%)
    B) Decay Stone (8%)
    C) Infinity Stone (78%)
    Answer : C
    6 of 6: Who acted as Ronan The Accuser in this movie
    A) Karen Gillian (15%)
    B) Lee Pace (77%)
    C) Michael Rooker (9%)
    Answer : B

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