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    Natural Is Amazing With Awesome Creations!!! amulyam quiz all answers

    1 of 15:Who wrote the book "The Origin of Species"?
    A) Sir Alexander Fleming (18%)
    B) Louis Pasteur (23%)
    C) Charles Darwin (49%)
    D) Stephen Hawking (9%)
    Answer: C
    2 of 15:The animal kingdom is formally classified into major groups known as...?
    A) Families (27%)
    B) Sub Phyla (22%)
    C) Phyla (39%)
    D) Orders (11%)
    Answer: C
    3 of 15:The largest hookbill makes its home in the Panatal region of Brazil. What is the largest hookbill?
    A) Abaco Parrot (17%)
    B) Crimson Rosella (27%)
    C) Glossy Black Cockatoo (33%)
    D) Hyacinth Macaw (23%)
    Answer: D
    4 of 15:Wild Turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo), are part of the Phasianidae family. This family also includes what other types of birds?
    A) Partridges (31%)
    B) Ostriches (44%)
    C) Cranes (17%)
    D) Storks (8%)
    Answer: A
    5 of 15:People normally think of flowers for nectar but many bushes and trees also provide nectar. Which of these bushes and trees do NOT provide nectar?
    A) Azaleas (23%)
    B) Locust Trees (32%)
    C) Hackberry Trees (30%)
    D) Flowering Quince (15%)
    Answer: C
    6 of 15:Namibia is an interesting place to go birding, having everything from flamingos to penguins. Where is Namibia located?
    A) It is in the Northwestern Part of India (16%)
    B) It is in the Middle East Near Qatar (30%)
    C) It is an Island Off the Coast of Africa Near Mozambique (30%)
    D) It is in Southern Africa Near Botswana (24%)
    Answer: D
    7 of 15:What bird can claim the "Longest Migration Award," travelling from the far northern polar regions down to Antarctica?
    A) Wilson's Storm-Petrel (20%)
    B) White-tailed Tropicbird (31%)
    C) Arctic Tern (38%)
    D) Broad-winged Hawk (10%)
    Answer: C
    8 of 15:What bird sings, "Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you-all?"
    A) American Robin (18%)
    B) Indigo Bunting (28%)
    C) Rufous-Sided Towhee (32%)
    D) Barred Owl (22%)
    Answer: D
    9 of 15:Which of these birds is NOT in the order Pelecaniformes?
    A) Tropicbirds (16%)
    B) Anhinga (26%)
    C) Shearwaters (44%)
    D) Boobies (15%)
    Answer: C
    10 of 15:Rock Doves can see how many degrees around them without turning their head?
    A) 100 Degrees (17%)
    B) 150 Degrees (32%)
    C) 235 Degrees (31%)
    D) 300 Degrees (20%)
    Answer: D
    11 of 15:In the wild, which animal is found only in China?
    A) Tiger (10%)
    B) Asian Elephant (26%)
    C) Panda (56%)
    D) Crocodile (9%)
    Answer: C
    12 of 15:Compared to a human population of 6 billion, which species numbers under 200,000?
    A) Chimpanzee (24%)
    B) Bison (27%)
    C) Gray Wolf (23%)
    D) All of the Above (26%)
    Answer: D
    13 of 15:Which is the biggest of the Great Apes?
    A) Orangutan (15%)
    B) Chimpanzee (23%)
    C) Gorilla (54%)
    D) Monkey (9%)
    Answer: C
    14 of 15:Which bamboo-eating bear has a baby that weighs less than an apple?
    A) Grizzly Bear (21%)
    B) Polar Bear (28%)
    C) Papa Bear (25%)
    D) Panda Bear (26%)
    Answer: C
    15 of 15:Whose make up is more than a quarter of all mammal species on Earth!
    A) Whales (26%)
    B) Wolves (31%)
    C) Cats (23%)
    D) Bats (19%)
    Answer: D

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