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    Naam Shabana - Action Spy Thriller Film amulyam all question and answers

    1 of 17:Who is the director of the film?
    A) Aditya Chopra. (31%)
    B) Shivam Nair. (29%)
    C) Karan Johar. (40%)
    Answer: B
    2 of 17:What is the budget of the film?
    A) 15 Crore. (82%)
    B) 17 Crore. (10%)
    C) 20 Crore. (9%)
    Answer: A
    3 of 17:What was the release date of the film?
    A) 21st February 2017. (9%)
    B) None of the Two. (5%)
    C) 31st March 2017. (86%)
    Answer: C
    4 of 17:The film is edited by-
    A) Deepak Seju. (86%)
    B) Amar Nath. (6%)
    C) Dilip Menon. (8%)
    Answer: A
    5 of 17:What is the character name of Taapsee
    A) Amina Begham. (2%)
    B) Rukhsar Khan. (4%)
    C) Shabana Khan. (94%)
    Answer: C
    6 of 17:Which character is played by Akshay kumar?
    A) Sushant Singh Rajput. (10%)
    B) Ajay Singh Rajput. (90%)
    C) Aman Singh Rajput. (0%)
    Answer: B
    7 of 17:Who is the cinematographer of the film?
    A) Sudheer Palsane. (84%)
    B) Sameer Mishra. (11%)
    C) Akshay Kumar. (5%)
    Answer: A
    8 of 17:Who gave the music of the film?
    A) Rochak Kohli. (9%)
    B) Meet Bros. (3%)
    C) Both of Them. (88%)
    Answer: C
    9 of 17:Who is the lyricist of the film?
    A) Manoj Muntashir, Kumaar. (91%)
    B) Salim-Zaved. (5%)
    C) Vishal-Shekhar. (4%)
    Answer: A
    10 of 17:Production company associated with the film is-
    A) Tulip Films. (3%)
    B) Fox Star Studios. (15%)
    C) Plan C Studios and Cape Of Good Films. (82%)
    Answer: C
    11 of 17:The film is produced by-
    A) Neeraj Pandey. (4%)
    B) Shital Bhatia. (0%)
    C) Both of Them. (93%)
    D) None of Them. (3%)
    Answer: C
    12 of 17:What is the character name of Manoj Bajpai?
    A) Ajay Singh. (8%)
    B) Tony. (7%)
    C) Ranvir Singh. (85%)
    Answer: C
    13 of 17:Who played the negative character in this film?
    A) Manoj Bajpai. (20%)
    B) Danny Denzongpa. (12%)
    C) Prithviraj Sukumaran. (68%)
    Answer: C
    14 of 17:What is the character name of Prithviraj Sukumaran?
    A) Jai/Tony. (7%)
    B) Tony / Mikhail. (92%)
    C) Mikhail/Ajay. (1%)
    Answer: B
    15 of 17:Who sings the song 'Rozana'?
    A) Sunidhi Chauhan. (4%)
    B) Shreya Ghoshal. (84%)
    C) Palak Muchal. (12%)
    Answer: B
    16 of 17:Who sings the song 'zinda'?
    A) Shruti Kakkar. (11%)
    B) Palak Muchal. (8%)
    C) Sunidhi Chauhan. (81%)
    Answer: C
    17 of 17:Which company has the music rights of the film?
    A) Zee Music. (3%)
    B) Tips Audio. (8%)
    C) T - Series. (89%)
    Answer: C

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