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    A Modern Day Rom-Com - Podaa Podi all amulyam quiz answers

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    1 of 6: The film Poda Podi is directed by?
    A) Vignesh Shivan (71%)
    B) Nelson (19%)
    C) Sanker (10%)
    Answer : A
    2 of 6: The story writer for Poda Podi film is?
    A) Padam Kumar (4%)
    B) Vignesh Shivan (94%)
    C) Meenu Kumar (2%)
    Answer : B
    3 of 6: Music Director for Poda Podi?
    A) Dharan Kumar (94%)
    B) Hema Kumar (3%)
    C) Krishna Kumar (3%)
    Answer : A
    4 of 6: The role played by Simbu in Poda Podi film?
    A) Ajith (3%)
    B) Arya (4%)
    C) Arjun (93%)
    Answer : C
    5 of 6: Arjun and Nisha's son in Poda Podi?
    A) Sundar Suraj (8%)
    B) Samarth Suraj (89%)
    C) Sanker Suraj (3%)
    Answer : B
    6 of 6: Who roled as Arjun's uncle in Poda Podi?
    A) Ganesh (95%)
    B) Mahesh (3%)
    C) Mukesh (2%)
    Answer : A

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