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    1 of 17: In which state of India is Bangalore located?
    A) Tamil Nadu (7%)
    B) Kerala (7%)
    C) Karnataka (81%)
    D) Andhra Pradesh (5%)
    Answer : C
    2 of 17: What was the old name of Bangalore?
    A) Mysore (25%)
    B) Indraprastha (22%)
    C) Madras (7%)
    D) None of These (46%)
    Answer : D
    3 of 17: :It was after Independence in 1947, that the city of Bangalore became the capital of Karnataka. Which city was earlier the capital of Karnataka ?
    A) Mysore (70%)
    B) Madras (19%)
    C) Indraprastha (11%)
    Answer : A
    4 of 17: Bangalore is also known as the _________ city of India.
    A) Jewel (12%)
    B) Garden (73%)
    C) Pink (9%)
    D) Temple (6%)
    Answer : B
    5 of 17: The Glass House in Bangalore is one of the places worth seeing. Where is it located?
    A) Outer Ring Road (14%)
    B) Cubbon Park (20%)
    C) Lalbagh (53%)
    D) Electronics City (13%)
    Answer : C
    6 of 17: Bangalore has its own palace - the Bangalore Palace. Which royal dynasty owned this palace?
    A) Scindia (14%)
    B) Wodeyar (50%)
    C) Peshwa (28%)
    D) Holkar (9%)
    Answer : B
    7 of 17: Bangalore is known as the IT city because of its large number of software companies like Infosys, Wipro. Bangalore even featured in a US presidential election and the word 'Bangalored' is included in some dictionaries. What does this word refer to ?
    A) Outsourcing (43%)
    B) Pub Culture (13%)
    C) Software Development (39%)
    D) Growing Trees (6%)
    Answer : A
    8 of 17: Bangalore is the headquarters of the National Cricket Academy and has a popular cricket stadium. What is the cricket stadium in Bangalore?
    A) Eden Gardens (8%)
    B) Chidamabaram Stadium (18%)
    C) Chinnaswamy Stadium (68%)
    D) Brabourne (6%)
    Answer : C
    9 of 17: Bangalore is around 900 metres above sea level.
    A) True (74%)
    B) False (26%)
    Answer : A
    10 of 17: Bangalore is also known for its film industry. By what name is the Bangalore film industry known?
    A) Sandalwood (51%)
    B) Tollywood (20%)
    C) Bollywood (7%)
    D) Kollywood (22%)
    Answer : A
    11 of 17: Bangalore was the first city in India to have electricity.
    A) True (69%)
    B) False (31%)
    Answer : A
    12 of 17: Who is said to be the founder of the city of Bangalore?
    A) Kempegowda (46%)
    B) Sir M Viswesharayya (22%)
    C) Chamaraja Wodeyar (25%)
    D) Kengal Hanumanthayya (8%)
    Answer : A
    13 of 17: Which of the following premier scientific institutes is present in Bangalore?
    A) Bhabha Atomic Centre (18%)
    B) Indian Institute of Technology (26%)
    C) Indian Institute of Science (43%)
    D) All India Institute of Medical Sciences (13%)
    Answer : C
    14 of 17: Bangalore has a number of lakes, but much of its water supply comes from one of the most important rivers of India. Which river is this?
    A) Ganga (12%)
    B) Kaveri (67%)
    C) Yamuna (11%)
    D) Narmada (10%)
    Answer : B
    15 of 17: Previously the HAL Airport was the only airport in Bangalore. However, a newer and bigger International airport was opened in 2008. Where is the location of this airport?
    A) Electronics City (25%)
    B) HAL (17%)
    C) Devanahalli (50%)
    D) Mysore (8%)
    Answer : C
    16 of 17: Which of the following National Parks is located in Bangalore district?
    A) Nehru Zoological Park (13%)
    B) Kaziranga National Park (19%)
    C) Gir Forest (14%)
    D) Bannerghatta National Park (55%)
    Answer : D
    17 of 17: Bangalore is also known as the _________ Valley of India.
    A) Silicon (57%)
    B) Marble (14%)
    C) IT (22%)
    D) Diamond (7%)
    Answer : A

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