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    The ABC's of Christmas - Joyful Celebrations AMULYAM quiz answers free

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    1 of 18: Which of the following did Charles Dickens write?
    A) A Christmas Song (29%)
    B) Angels From the Realms of Glory (18%)
    C) Away in the Manger (6%)
    D) A Christmas Carol (47%)
    Answer : D
    2 of 18: Canada, The U.K., and most other Commonwealth countries officially celebrate the day after Christmas as a holiday. What is the holiday called?
    A) Britain's Day (20%)
    B) Boxing Day (50%)
    C) Bearer's Day (20%)
    D) Beer Day (11%)
    Answer : B
    3 of 18: In the animated TV special, "'Twas the Night Before Christmas", the townsfolk create a song to attract Santa back. According to the song, what is calling Santa?
    A) Comet and Cupid (9%)
    B) Calling Birds (15%)
    C) Christmas Bells (69%)
    D) Chimneys Asunder (6%)
    Answer : C
    4 of 18: Which of the following is NOT one of Santa's reindeer?
    A) Dancer (17%)
    B) Dasher (14%)
    C) Donner (21%)
    D) Duster (48%)
    Answer : D
    5 of 18: Eggnog is the milk-based beverage available around the Christmas holidays and comes in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions.
    A) Eggnog (62%)
    B) White Milk (26%)
    C) buttermilk (12%)
    Answer : A
    6 of 18: How do you say "Merry Christmas" in Spanish?
    A) Felipe Nochos (14%)
    B) Fuego Y Feliciano (28%)
    C) Feliz Nativity (17%)
    D) Feliz Navidad (41%)
    Answer : D
    7 of 18: Who tries to stop Christmas from coming by stealing all things Christmas from the Whos?
    A) Green Goblin (20%)
    B) Grinch (49%)
    C) Ghost of Christmas Present (23%)
    D) Garfield (7%)
    Answer : B
    8 of 18: What Christmas song has the line "I don't know if there'll be snow, but have a cup of cheer"?
    A) Here Comes Santa Claus (15%)
    B) Holly Jolly Christmas (55%)
    C) Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (22%)
    D) Here We Come a Wassailing (8%)
    Answer : B
    9 of 18: Similar to tinsel, these long strips of shiny foil are used to decorate a Christmas tree. What are they called?
    A) Igloos (22%)
    B) Ichu (18%)
    C) Iceland (21%)
    D) Icicles (39%)
    Answer : D
    10 of 18: What song does Lucy ask Schroeder to play on his piano in "A Charlie Brown Christmas"?
    A) Joy to the World (7%)
    B) Jingle Bells (58%)
    C) Jolly O' Saint Nicholas (19%)
    D) Jesu (16%)
    Answer : B
    11 of 18: :Which of the following is often given as Santa's birth name?
    A) Karl Kana (9%)
    B) Kenneth Kusco (20%)
    C) Kevin Krinkle (26%)
    D) Kris Kringle (45%)
    Answer : D
    12 of 18: On the tenth day of Christmas, what does true lovers give to each other ?
    A) Lights a-twinkling (28%)
    B) Ladies Dancing (19%)
    C) Lords a-leaping (40%)
    D) Lovebirds Flying (13%)
    Answer : C
    13 of 18: According to Christmas custom, any two people that meet under this hanging plant are obliged to kiss. What is the name of this plant?
    A) Mistletoe (58%)
    B) Blueberry (30%)
    C) Blackberry (12%)
    Answer : A
    14 of 18: Which of these is NOT a Christmas carol?
    A) Oh Holy Night (14%)
    B) O Little Town of Glory (49%)
    C) O Christmas Tree (21%)
    D) O Little Town of Bethlehem (16%)
    Answer : B
    15 of 18: Under what queen's reign and influence did the modern day Christmas tree tradition begin?
    A) Queen Elizabeth I (18%)
    B) Queen Victoria (57%)
    C) Queen Elizabeth II (16%)
    D) Queen Mary I (9%)
    Answer : B
    16 of 18: According to the popular song, what did a reindeer do to grandma?
    A) Ridiculed (8%)
    B) Ratted Out (18%)
    C) Ran Over (56%)
    D) Raised Her (18%)
    Answer : C
    17 of 18: Vixen is the Santa's only reindeer whose name begins with a V.
    A) Vixen (63%)
    B) Vende (22%)
    C) Venilla (15%)
    Answer : A
    18 of 18: What is an abbreviation often used for the word Christmas?
    A) Xmaa (14%)
    B) Xmas (78%)
    C) Xmat (5%)
    D) Xchris (4%)
    Answer : B

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