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    So You Think You Know Cricket. amulyam quiz answers

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    1 of 19: Which batsman was captain for 15 of Australia's 16 consecutive wins from 1999 to 2001, made his test debut in 1986, and once got out handled the ball?
    A) Rickey Ponting (32%)
    B) Steve Waugh (61%)
    C) Adam Gilcrist (7%)
    Answer : B
    2 of 19: What name is given to the rare feat of dimmissing 3 batsmen in successive balls?
    A) Double Trick (8%)
    B) Hat Trick (84%)
    C) Soultrick (9%)
    Answer : B
    3 of 19: What is the name given to test matches between aus and England?
    A) Ashes (78%)
    B) Mini Championship (14%)
    C) Coca-cola Cup (9%)
    Answer : A
    4 of 19: In the 1970s, the West Indies broke the record for the most consecutive drawn tests. How many?
    A) 8 (27%)
    B) 9 (40%)
    C) 10 (53%)
    Answer : C
    5 of 19: Who is the first batsman to be dismissed (run out) by using the television replays by the third umpire,
    A) Sachin (45%)
    B) Kapil Dev (33%)
    C) Wasim Aakram (22%)
    Answer : A
    6 of 19: Which cricketer faced the first ball in One-Day Cricket
    A) Graham Mc-Kenzie (34%)
    B) VINOO MANKAD (27%)
    C) Geoff.Boycott (38%)
    Answer : C
    7 of 19: This South African captain opened the batting for another country in the 80s before playing 16 Tests for his home nation in the 90s. He opened the batting in 5 of those matches.
    A) John Parker (30%)
    B) Kepler Wessels (53%)
    C) Grant Flower (17%)
    Answer : B
    8 of 19: Making his Test debut in the same game as Ricky Ponting, against Sri Lanka in 1995, which Australian player was dropped from the team after his only Test, despite scoring 54 not out?
    A) Stuart Law. (52%)
    B) Rodney Redmond. (39%)
    C) Ned Gregory (10%)
    Answer : A
    9 of 19: An Englishman played his sole Test in 1986 and scored 21 & 30. He later turned to umpiring, and stood in his first Test in 2004. Who was this one Test wonder?
    A) Mark Benson (47%)
    B) Ned Gregory. (27%)
    C) Alan Butcher (27%)
    Answer : A
    10 of 19: Who was the first player to score a triple century in test match cricket?
    A) Sanath Jayasuriya (14%)
    B) Brian Lara. (53%)
    C) A Sandham (63%)
    Answer : C
    11 of 19: Which Indian batter scored 281 against Australia in 2001, and beat the previous highest score by an Indian in test matches?
    A) Rahul Dravid (24%)
    B) Vvs Laxman (71%)
    C) Sachin (6%)
    Answer : B
    12 of 19: Which of the following New Zealanders once got out for 299, just one short of a triple century, in a test match?
    A) Len Hutton. (19%)
    B) DG Bradman (32%)
    C) Martin Crowe (49%)
    Answer : C
    13 of 19: Who was the first captain of the Bangladeshi Test team?
    A) Naimur Rahman Durjoy (45%)
    B) Ashraful (34%)
    C) Shakib Ul Hasan (21%)
    Answer : A
    14 of 19: Who was the captain of England in the Bodyline series of 1932-33?
    A) Douglas Jardine (59%)
    B) Donald Bradman (46%)
    C) Apartheid (15%)
    Answer : A
    15 of 19: This Indian player was one of an elite few to have taken at least 100 Test wickets AND scored a double-century. He opened the batting on some occasions. Can you name him?
    A) Sunil Gavaskar (38%)
    B) Ravi Shastri (50%)
    C) Amarlal (12%)
    Answer : B
    16 of 19: This Pakistani player was another of those elite few to have taken at least 100 Test wickets, and also scored a double-century. He is a former captain. Can you name him?
    A) Wasim Akram (53%)
    B) Abdur Quadir (32%)
    C) Waqur Younis (15%)
    Answer : A
    17 of 19: How many Chappell brothers have played tests for Australia?
    A) 2 (34%)
    B) 3 (45%)
    C) 4 (21%)
    Answer : B
    18 of 19: Former England batsman Graeme Hick was born in which country?
    A) India (26%)
    B) South Africa (50%)
    C) Zimbabwe (63%)
    Answer : C
    19 of 19: This player played test cricket for both South Africa and Zimbabwe. Can you name him?
    A) Sir Garfield Sobers (30%)
    B) John Traicos (49%)
    C) Jim Laker (21%)
    Answer : B

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