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    Quilt Patterns of Fabrics amulyam all quiz answers

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    1 of 19: The word 'quilt' is derived from what language?
    A) German (26%)
    B) Latin (61%)
    C) French (13%)
    Answer : B
    2 of 19: The oldest known quilted object is a linen carpet from the first century B.C. to the second century A.D. Where was it found?
    A) Iran (31%)
    B) Mongolia (57%)
    C) Pakistan (12%)
    Answer : B
    3 of 19: How many layers does a basic quilt have?
    A) 4 (22%)
    B) 5 (31%)
    C) 3 (47%)
    Answer : C
    4 of 19: How do quilters cut fabric?
    A) With a Rotary Cutter (42%)
    B) With Round-bladed Quilting Scissors (37%)
    C) With a Fabric Exacto Knife (21%)
    Answer : A
    5 of 19: What should you NOT use with a rotary cutter?
    A) a Straight Ruler (44%)
    B) Synthetic Fabric (35%)
    C) a Cutting Mat (21%)
    Answer : A
    6 of 19: What is the best fabric to use if you're a beginning quilter?
    A) Satin (28%)
    B) Velvet (34%)
    C) Cotton (38%)
    Answer : C
    7 of 19: Is it a good idea to wash your quilting fabric before you start working with it?
    A) Yes (44%)
    B) No (29%)
    C) Maybe (27%)
    Answer : A
    8 of 19: Fraying fabric is one problem with prewashing. How can you prevent it?
    A) Treat the Edges of the Fabric With Glue. (31%)
    B) Cut a Small Triangular Piece From Each Corner of the Fabric. (55%)
    C) Put the Fabric in a Mesh Bag. (14%)
    Answer : B
    9 of 19: When it comes to hand-quilting needles, is it true that the higher the size number, the thicker the needle?
    A) Yes (43%)
    B) No (57%)
    C) Maybe (20%)
    Answer : B
    10 of 19: What are the best kind of needles for hand quilting?
    A) Sharps (29%)
    B) Milliners (34%)
    C) Betweens (37%)
    Answer : C
    11 of 19: What is a 'fat quarter'?
    A) a Cutting Tool That Cuts a Standard Yard of Fabric Into Quarters (42%)
    B) a Quilt That's One-fourth the Size of a Normal Quilt (37%)
    C) a Quarter-yard of Fabric (51%)
    Answer : C
    12 of 19: What's the standard seam allowance for quilts?
    A) One-eighth Inch (31%)
    B) One-quarter Inch (57%)
    C) Half-inch (11%)
    Answer : B
    13 of 19: How can you make sure you always have a quarter-inch seam?
    A) Get a Quarter-inch Presser Foot for Your Sewing Machine. (52%)
    B) Always Have a Ruler Handy. (30%)
    C) Be Very, Very Careful. (19%)
    Answer : A
    14 of 19: You should have two pairs of scissors for quilting. Why?
    A) One is for Fabric and One is for Paper. (50%)
    B) They Have to Be Extra Sharp, So You Need a Backup in Case One Pair Gets Dull. (42%)
    C) One Pair Should Be Regular Scissors and One Should Be Pinking Shears. (19%)
    Answer : A
    15 of 19: In 18th and 19th century, America was quilting a hobby for mostly rich women?
    A) Yes (50%)
    B) No (31%)
    C) Maybe (18%)
    Answer : A
    16 of 19: When did the 'crazy quilt' fad sweep through the United States?
    A) the 1830s (32%)
    B) the 1880s (49%)
    C) the 1930s (20%)
    Answer : B
    17 of 19: What do regular quilts have that crazy quilts lack?
    A) Batting (58%)
    B) Hand-stitching (39%)
    C) a Unified Color Scheme (22%)
    Answer : A
    18 of 19: Can you use hand sewing thread in your sewing machine?
    A) Yes (39%)
    B) No (44%)
    C) Maybe (16%)
    Answer : B
    19 of 19: Art museums around the country have showcased a traveling exhibition of quilts by women from Gee's Bend, in this state.
    A) South Carolina (31%)
    B) Mississippi (39%)
    C) Alabama (50%)
    Answer : C

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