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    Deep...... Sea Creatures amulyam quiz all answers

    1 of 19:What do walruses use their large tusks for?
    A) Hauling Themselves Out of the Water. (26%)
    B) Digging Up Clams. (29%)
    C) Both (45%)
    Answer: C
    2 of 19:A squid has eight tentacles like an octopus.
    A) True (65%)
    B) False (35%)
    Answer: B
    3 of 19:Most scallops eyes are...
    A) Brown (40%)
    B) Green (27%)
    C) Blue (26%)
    D) Yellow (7%)
    Answer: C
    4 of 19:An octopus can cloud the water with a dark 'inky' substance that confuses its' enemy
    A) True (83%)
    B) False (17%)
    Answer: A
    5 of 19:How many pairs of legs does a crab have?
    A) 4 (25%)
    B) 5 (50%)
    C) 6 (25%)
    Answer: B
    6 of 19:Eels are snakes.
    A) True (55%)
    B) False (45%)
    Answer: B
    7 of 19:When a female seahorse lay eggs she..
    A) Deposits Them Along the Ocean Floor. (18%)
    B) Attaches Them to Seaweed. (34%)
    C) Places Them in a Pouch in the Male Seahorse Body. (39%)
    D) None of the Above (8%)
    Answer: C
    8 of 19:Salmon can live in both fresh and salt water.
    A) True (65%)
    B) False (35%)
    Answer: A
    9 of 19:The whale shark is the largest fish. It eats..
    A) Other Fish (37%)
    B) Plankton (33%)
    C) Dirt (9%)
    D) All of the Above (21%)
    Answer: B
    10 of 19:Which is the smallest mammal at sea?
    A) Walrus (24%)
    B) Seal (36%)
    C) Commerson's Dolphin (29%)
    D) Dugong (11%)
    Answer: C
    11 of 19:Which among the following is the largest turtle?
    A) Loggerhead Turtle (31%)
    B) Hawksbill Turtle (31%)
    C) Green Turtle (15%)
    D) Leatherback Turtle (23%)
    Answer: D
    12 of 19:Which is the largest invertebrate in the world?
    A) Giant Squid (37%)
    B) Sperm Whale (37%)
    C) Sea Urchin (14%)
    D) Anemones (12%)
    Answer: A
    13 of 19:Usually living organisms have blood that is red in colour but this fish has colourless blood. Can you name it?
    A) Cuttle Fish (44%)
    B) Ice Fish (39%)
    C) Octopus (13%)
    D) Shark (4%)
    Answer: B
    14 of 19:Which is the only lizard in the world that lives in water?
    A) Komodo Dragon (21%)
    B) Water Gecko (36%)
    C) Marine Iguana (37%)
    D) Monitor Lizard (7%)
    Answer: C
    15 of 19:Which of these fish spends much of their time outside water?
    A) Mudskipper (37%)
    B) Parrot Fish (34%)
    C) Pearl Fish (15%)
    D) Rat Tail (14%)
    Answer: A
    16 of 19:Which creature is said to have given rise to the mermaid legend?
    A) Seal (28%)
    B) Dugong (42%)
    C) Otter (20%)
    D) Dolphin (10%)
    Answer: B
    17 of 19:Which fish feeds on parasites living on other fish?
    A) Haddock (11%)
    B) Lobster (29%)
    C) Cleaner Fish (44%)
    D) Herring (16%)
    Answer: C
    18 of 19:Which seabird is often called the 'man-o'-war?
    A) Seagull (23%)
    B) Penguin (22%)
    C) Albatross (29%)
    D) Frigatebird (26%)
    Answer: D
    19 of 19:This sea animal has big jaws. It eats lots of other sea animals.
    A) Shark (45%)
    B) Whale (30%)
    C) Killer Whale (26%)
    Answer: A

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