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    Beware of Hackers amulyam.in quiz answers

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    1 of 14: He has been "the most wanted computer criminal in United States history." He referred his hacking activities as Social Engineering. Identify this Hacker.
    A) Kevin Mitni (69%)
    B) Kevin Poulson (50%)
    C) Adrian Lamo (11%)
    Answer : A
    2 of 14: His nick name is Solo.He is famous for hacking military and NASA computers.The government officials claim that he caused a $700,000 loss for the government. Who is he?
    A) Adrian Lamo (36%)
    B) Gary McKinnon (45%)
    C) Jonathan James (20%)
    Answer : B
    3 of 14: He intruded into the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) servers and hacked the emails and passwords of the employees by installing a back door in the server. He also stole a software from NASA, which was worth $1.7 million. identify him.
    A) Stephen Gary Wozniak (41%)
    B) Loyd Blankenship (25%)
    C) Jonathan James (54%)
    Answer : C
    4 of 14: He hacked the computer network systems of The New York Times, Yahoo!, and Microsoft. Who is this hacker?
    A) Tsutomu Shimomura (27%)
    B) Adrian Lamo (43%)
    C) Stephen Gary Wozniak (30%)
    Answer : B
    5 of 14: He is the founder of Apple computers,and a white hat hacker and he assembled a computer by designing his own hardware and software. His best buddy is Steve Jobs. Identify.
    A) Stephen Gary Wozniak (51%)
    B) Kevin Poulsen (33%)
    C) Robert Tappan Morris (16%)
    Answer : A
    6 of 14: He is a former black hat hacker who crashed thousands of telephone lines connecting to a radio station in Los Angeles, named KIIS-FM, to get a prize to be the 102nd caller.He is also famous for lock-picking,money-laundering and cyber-crime,etc.who is he ?
    A) Kevin Poulsen (43%)
    B) Richard Stallman (40%)
    C) Vladimir Levin (17%)
    Answer : A
    7 of 14: He is an American scientist who created the world's first computer worm which was called Morris Worm. identify him.
    A) Timothy Lloyd (17%)
    B) Sven Jaschan (31%)
    C) Robert Tappan Morris (51%)
    Answer : C
    8 of 14: He used dial-up wire transfer service to hack the username and password of the Citibank account holders and stole $10.7 million. who is he?
    A) Loyd Blankenship (29%)
    B) Vladimir Levin (54%)
    C) Sven Jaschan (16%)
    Answer : B
    9 of 14: He is also called the 'Father of free software'. He also nullified the password settings of the users in computer labs. Identify him.
    A) Richard Stallman (44%)
    B) MafiaBoy (32%)
    C) Linus Torvalds (24%)
    Answer : A
    10 of 14: He is a computer security expert and a scientist from Japan. He became instantly famous for helping the FBI to arrest the famous hacker, Kevin Mitnick. Identify him.
    A) Shimabukuro (32%)
    B) Tsutomu Shimomura (49%)
    C) Tamagusuku (19%)
    Answer : B
    11 of 14: Also known as The Mentor,his biggest claim to fame is that he is the author of the Hacker Manifesto (The Conscience of a Hacker). Who is he?
    A) Loyd Blankenship (53%)
    B) Vladimir Levin (36%)
    C) Michael Calce (31%)
    Answer : A
    12 of 14: He gained notoriety when he was just 15 years old by hacking into some of the largest commercial websites in the world.On Valentine's Day in 2000, using the hacker alias MafiaBoy,launched a series of denial-of-service attacks. Identify him.
    A) Michael Calce (56%)
    B) Sven Jaschan (25%)
    C) David L. Smith (18%)
    Answer : A
    13 of 14: He is the author of the notorious Melissa worm virus, which was the first successful email-aware virus distributed in the Usenet discussion group alt. sex. Who is he?
    A) David L. Smith (55%)
    B) Sven Jaschan (47%)
    C) Stephen Gary Wozniak (18%)
    Answer : A
    14 of 14: He was found guilty of writing the Netsky and Sasser worms in 2004 while he was still a teenager. The viruses were found to be responsible for 70 per cent of all the malware seen spreading over the internet at the time. Who is this hacker?
    A) The Masters Of Deception (41%)
    B) Kevin Poulsen (44%)
    C) Sven Jaschan (55%)
    Answer : C

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