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    Beer-keg-cheers-for-a-beer amulyam quiZ answers

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    1 of 20: How many millions of barrels of beer were brewed in the U.S. in 2010?
    A) 150 Million (29%)
    B) 180 Million (54%)
    C) 210 Million (17%)
    Answer : B
    2 of 20: How much beer does an American barrel hold?
    A) It Varies Depending on the Brewery; Each One Uses a Different Size Barrel. (31%)
    B) a Week's Supply of Beer for a 200-pound (90-kilogram) Man (28%)
    C) 31 Gallons (117 Liters) (41%)
    Answer : C
    3 of 20: How much does an empty half-barrel weigh?
    A) 15 Pounds (7 Kilograms) (28%)
    B) 30 Pounds (14 Kilograms) (48%)
    C) 45 Pounds (20 Kilograms) (24%)
    Answer : B
    4 of 20: What are the advantages to storing beer in a keg?
    A) The Keg is Rollable, Stackable, Tappable, Recyclable and Durable. (59%)
    B) The Keg is the Easiest Method to Dispense Beer. (31%)
    C) The Keg is Very Inexpensive. (11%)
    Answer : A
    5 of 20: What are "ribs" for in a beer keg?
    A) to Give the Keg's Structure More Strength (40%)
    B) to Make the Round Shape of a Keg Look More Attractive (36%)
    C) to Keep the Beer From Sloshing Around So Much (24%)
    Answer : A
    6 of 20: What do torpedoes and ponies have in common?
    A) They Are Types of Self-dispensing Kegs. (26%)
    B) They Both Refer to Keg Sizes. (49%)
    C) Absolutely Nothing. (25%)
    Answer : B
    7 of 20: What is one of the most important features of a beer keg?
    A) Its Flat Bottom (41%)
    B) Its Size (30%)
    C) Its Airtightness (29%)
    Answer : C
    8 of 20: Why does a beer keg have a spear?
    A) to Fight Off Anyone Who Tries to Steal Your Beer (27%)
    B) to Draw the Beer Up and Out Through the Tap (45%)
    C) to Release Built-up Carbon Dioxide (29%)
    Answer : B
    9 of 20: Where are taps located on most beer kegs?
    A) at the Top (34%)
    B) at the Bottom (46%)
    C) at the Side (20%)
    Answer : A
    10 of 20: What's the main disadvantage of a party pump?
    A) It's Too Much Work for One Person to Operate. (32%)
    B) It Allows Oxygen to Enter the Keg. (43%)
    C) It's a Very Slow Way to Dispense Beer. (25%)
    Answer : B
    11 of 20: What gives beer its bubbles?
    A) Oxygen (34%)
    B) Nitrogen and Oxygen (36%)
    Answer : B
    12 of 20: What two gases are the best combination for maintaining natural carbonation?
    A) Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen (34%)
    B) Nitrogen and Oxygen (36%)
    C) Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide (30%)
    Answer : A
    13 of 20: How long do beer kegs normally last?
    A) 10 Years (41%)
    B) 30 Years (42%)
    C) 50 Years (17%)
    Answer : B
    14 of 20: What is keg refurbishing?
    A) Repurposing Beer Kegs Into Bar Tables, Chairs and Stools (27%)
    B) Cleaning, Repairing and Sterilizing Beer Kegs (40%)
    C) Recycling the Keg Into Scrap Metal (33%)
    Answer : B
    15 of 20: How many different types of taps are there?
    A) 3 (36%)
    B) 7 (49%)
    C) 15 (14%)
    Answer : B
    16 of 20: Why are there so many types of beer keg taps?
    A) Each Type of Beer Requires Its Own Tap. (45%)
    B) Each Continent Uses a Different Tap. (32%)
    C) Each Size Keg Needs a Different Tap. (23%)
    Answer : A
    17 of 20: What device is used with beer taps to maintain the inside pressure?
    A) Washer (24%)
    B) Threader (39%)
    C) Coupler (37%)
    Answer : B
    18 of 20: What does excess heat do to beer?
    A) It Encourages Bacteria to Grow in the Beer. (19%)
    B) It Makes the Beer Smell Bad. (39%)
    C) It Makes Carbonation Bubbles Expand and Pop. (42%)
    Answer : C
    19 of 20: What is a firkin?
    A) an Old Storage Vessel for Ale (36%)
    B) a Traditional Party Favor Given at Oktoberfest (42%)
    C) the Concave Wooden Frame That Stores Beer Kegs Sideways (22%)
    Answer : A
    20 of 20: Which type of keg do home brewers prefer for their beer storage?
    A) the Midas Keg (40%)
    B) the Cornelius Keg (44%)
    C) the James Keg (15%)
    Answer : B

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