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    Ash-Abhi Wedding - Big Festival amulyam quiz answer

    1 of 15:At which place did Abhishek propose to Aishwarya?
    A) New York (22%)
    B) Toronto (25%)
    C) Mumbai (52%)
    D) Japan (1%)
    Answer: B
    2 of 15:When did Ash and Abhi get engaged?
    A) March 1, 2006 (21%)
    B) February 14, 2007 (42%)
    C) February 14, 2006 (15%)
    D) January 14, 2007 (22%)
    Answer: D
    3 of 15:What stone does Aishwarya have in her engagement ring?
    A) Diamond (50%)
    B) Amethyst (17%)
    C) Ruby (21%)
    D) Emerald (12%)
    Answer: A
    4 of 15:On which date did Ash and Abhi got married?
    A) March 20, 2007 (22%)
    B) April 20, 2007 (52%)
    C) April 20, 2006 (16%)
    D) March 20, 2006 (10%)
    Answer: B
    5 of 15:What was the significance of the day on which Abhishek and Aishwarya tied the knot, as per the Hindu calendar?
    A) Diwali (15%)
    B) Bengali New Year (26%)
    C) Akshaya Tritiya (53%)
    D) Tamil New Year (7%)
    Answer: C
    6 of 15:Where was the Abhiwarya wedding solemnized?
    A) La Mer, Bandra (15%)
    B) Prateeksha, Juhu (30%)
    C) Siddhi Vinayak Temple, Prabhadevi (33%)
    D) Jalsa, Juhu (22%)
    Answer: D
    7 of 15:Which favourite designer of Ash designed her wedding-day ensemble?
    A) Ritu Beri (18%)
    B) Ritu Kumar (21%)
    C) Manish Malhotra (36%)
    D) Neeta Lulla (25%)
    Answer: D
    8 of 15:From which place in India was the henna for Ash's mehendi function specially brought in?
    A) Kerala (14%)
    B) Gujarat (21%)
    C) Rajasthan (54%)
    D) Tamil Nadu (11%)
    Answer: C
    9 of 15:What was the colour of the outfit that Abhishek was wearing as he came to the wedding on horseback?
    A) Blue (9%)
    B) Black (13%)
    C) Maroon (35%)
    D) White (43%)
    Answer: D
    10 of 15:Who designed Abhishek's clothes for his wedding with Aishwarya?
    A) Rohit Bal (23%)
    B) Sharbari Dutta (23%)
    C) Manish Malhotra (43%)
    D) Ritu Beri (11%)
    Answer: C
    11 of 15:What was the colour of the horse that Abhishek rode to his marriage with Aishwarya?
    A) Brown (8%)
    B) Brown and White (36%)
    C) White (47%)
    D) Black (8%)
    Answer: C
    12 of 15:Name the model-cum-actress who claimed to be married to Abhishek on the day of his marriage to Aishwarya.
    A) Jhanvi Kapoor (50%)
    B) Malaika Arora (24%)
    C) Sushmita Sen (19%)
    D) Lara Dutta (7%)
    Answer: A
    13 of 15:To which temple did Abhishek and Aishwarya go, two days after their marriage, to seek blessings?
    A) Isckon Temple, Mayapur (8%)
    B) Tirupati Temple, Andhra Pradesh (62%)
    C) Ashtalakshmi Temple, Chennai (22%)
    D) Akshardham Temple, New Delhi (8%)
    Answer: B
    14 of 15:Which was the first movie in which Abhishek and Aishwarya appeared together after their marriage?
    A) Kuch Na Kaho (17%)
    B) Umrao Jaan (29%)
    C) Guru (34%)
    D) Sarkar Raj (19%)
    Answer: D
    15 of 15:Where did Abhishek and Aishwarya celebrate their first marriage anniversary?
    A) Beijing, China (19%)
    B) Chennai, India (19%)
    C) Miami, USA (34%)
    D) Sydney, Australia (27%)
    Answer: C

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