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    Space Journey quiz answers

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    1 of 6: The station where astronauts can live all year-----------------
    A) International Space Station (47%)
    B) Space Craft (34%)
    C) Milky Way (19%)
    Answer : A
    2 of 6: It is the name of the galaxy we live in
    A) International Space Station (9%)
    B) Milky Way (78%)
    C) Saturn (12%)
    Answer : B
    3 of 6: A planet with ring around it--------------------
    A) Saturn (68%)
    B) Jupiter (27%)
    C) Uranus (5%)
    Answer : A
    4 of 6: The first Indian woman astronaut to go into sapce---------------
    A) Kalpana Chawla (95%)
    B) Jalseen Kaur Josan (3%)
    C) Sunitha Williams (2%)
    Answer : A
    5 of 6: The first cosmonaut to go to space-----------------------
    A) Kalpana Chawla (5%)
    B) Yuri Gagarin (56%)
    C) Neil Armstrong (39%)
    Answer : B
    6 of 6: The dwarf planet found in the asteroid belt------------------
    A) Saturn (7%)
    B) Jupiter (29%)
    C) Ceres (64%)
    Answer : C

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