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    NTR Upcoming Movie - Jai Lava Kusa all quiz answers

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    1 of 8:When the first look of this movie relased
    A) 19 Th May 2017 (49%)
    B) 20 Th May 2017 (33%)
    C) 21 St May 2017 (17%)
    Answer: B
    2 of 8:Who is the producer of this movie
    A) Janaki Ram (27%)
    B) Hari Krishna (7%)
    C) Kalyan Ram (67%)
    Answer: C
    3 of 8:On which banner this movie is produced
    A) NTR Arts (93%)
    B) Nandamuri Films (7%)
    Answer: A
    4 of 8:Who is the director of this movie
    A) k.s.ravinder (93%)
    B) k.s.ravikumar (7%)
    C) k.s.ravi Krishna (0%)
    Answer: A
    5 of 8:Who is the music director of this movie
    A) Thaman (19%)
    B) Devisri (79%)
    C) Mani Sharma (2%)
    Answer: B
    6 of 8:Who is the cinematographer of this movie
    A) Chota K Naidu (88%)
    B) Chota K Kiran (2%)
    C) Chota K Prasad (10%)
    Answer: A
    7 of 8:Who is playing as the film's villain
    A) Ronit Roy (72%)
    B) Rohit Roy (21%)
    C) Rana Rohit (8%)
    Answer: A
    8 of 8:This movie is written by
    A) k.s.ravinder (12%)
    B) Konavenkat (2%)
    C) Chakravarthy (0%)
    D) All the Above (85%)
    Answer: D

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    All Answers in table

    1. B
    2. C
    3. A
    4. A
    5. B
    6. A
    7. A
    8. D
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