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    Horoscopes, Do U Believe It??? amulyam quiz answers

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    1.What are horoscopes based on?
    A) Positions of Stars and Planets (73%)
    B) The Karma Theory (14%)
    C) Movement of the Sun in Our Solar System (13%)
    Answer: A
    2.What is the literal English meaning of the Greek word 'horoscope'?
    A) Revelations of the Prophets
    B) Looking in the Stars
    C) Looking at the Hours
    D) Timetable of the Universe
    Answer: C
    3.What is a horoscope diagram called?
    A) Table
    B) Sketch
    C) Figure
    D) Chart
    Answer: D
    4.What is the branch of horoscope forecasting in which predictions are made on the basis of omens called?
    A) Necromancy
    B) Numerology
    C) Astrology
    D) Divination
    Answer: D
    5. What is always placed at the center of the horoscope chart?
    A) The Individual
    B) the Sun
    C) the Earth
    D) the Moon
    Answer: C
    6. The symbols used in Western astrology are nothing but:
    A) The Zodiac Signs
    B) The Signs of the Ten Planets
    C) The Names of the Twelve Principal Greek Gods
    D) Chemical Symbols of the Elements
    Answer: A
    7.In which culture are horoscopes of the bride and groom cross-checked before matrimony?
    A) Shinto
    B) African
    C) Indian
    D) Arabic
    Answer: C
    8 Which of the following is not a horoscope chart?
    A) Isothermal
    B) Natal Chart
    C) Cosmogram
    D) Vitasphere
    Answer: A
    9 How many houses do horoscope charts have?
    A) 6
    B) 9
    C) 12
    D) 18
    Answer: C
    10 Which of the following is horoscope prediction according to ancient Vedic science?
    A) Jyotish
    B) I Ching
    C) Vaastu
    D) Feng Shui
    Answer: A
    11 What tools does Axinomancy use to make horoscope predictions?
    A) Axils of Flowers
    B) Ax, Saw and Hatchet
    C) Mathematical Axioms
    D) Apples
    Answer: B
    12 What is the table showing the positions of sun, moon and the stars at a given moment in time called as?
    A) Almanac
    B) Ephemeris
    C) Runes
    D) Star-chart
    Answer: B
    B) VIRGO
    Answer: B
    14 In astrology, the angle between the planets is called:
    A) Aspects
    B) Houses
    C) Planes
    D) Nodes
    Answer: A
    15 The boundary between two signs or houses is called the:
    A) Zodiac
    B) Cusp
    C) Native
    D) Zenith
    Answer: B
    16 The 18° wide band on the celestial sphere containing the signs is referred to as the:
    A) Zodiac
    B) Cusp
    C) Native
    D) Zenith
    Answer: A
    17 The most commonly used system of constructing the horoscope chart is the:
    A) Western Astrology
    B) Heliocentric Astrology
    C) Equal House System
    D) Placidus House System
    Answer: D
    18 The time and place of the event being charted which is considered to be at the centre of the celestial sphere is referred to as:
    A) Imun Coeli
    B) Midheaven
    C) Native
    D) Nadir
    Answer: C
    19 Horoscope is used as a method of divination regarding events relating to the point in time it represents.
    A) True
    B) False
    Answer: A

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    All Answers in table

    1. A
    2. C
    3. D
    4. D
    5. C
    6. A
    7. C
    8. A
    9. C
    10. A
    11. B
    12. B
    13. B
    14. A
    15. B
    16. A
    17. D
    18. C
    19. A

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