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    Live to Ride, Ride to Live.. amulyam quiz answers

    1 of 13:Which is the new 2005 Buell off road bike called?
    A) XB9 Odysseus (32%)
    B) XB12X Rune (28%)
    C) XB12X Ulysses (32%)
    D) XB9 Griso (8%)
    2 of 13:Which manufacturer is best known for their 'triple' engines?
    A) Honda (24%)
    B) Ducati (41%)
    C) Suzuki (17%)
    D) Triumph (18%)
    3 of 13:Massimo Tamburini designed the MV Agusta F4. Which other iconic bike was he responsible for?
    A) Yamaha R1 (36%)
    B) Ducati 916 (48%)
    C) Bimota DB5 (16%)
    4 of 13:What safety device will be fitted to the 2006 Goldwing?
    A) Seatbelts (26%)
    B) Airbag (38%)
    C) Side Impact Airbags (36%)
    5 of 13:The Bimota Tesi 2D uses. (pick one)
    A) Conventional Telescopic Forks (33%)
    B) Hub Center Steering (42%)
    C) Floating Magnesium Buffers (25%)
    6 of 13:Who is commonly known to make 'controvertial' bike designs.
    A) BMW (42%)
    B) Aprilia (36%)
    C) Ducati (22%)
    7 of 13:Single sided swingarms were originally introduced to:
    A) Allow for Faster Race Wheel Changes (42%)
    B) Shift Weight (43%)
    C) Improve Handling (16%)
    8 of 13:Which of these bikes might you recommend to a beginner?
    A) Honda Hornet (43%)
    B) Yamaha R1 SP (35%)
    C) Suzuki GSXR600 (22%)
    9 of 13:What happened when replacement rider for Kawasaki, Olivier Jacque, raced at the Chinese MotoGP in 2005?
    A) He Got Kawasaki's Highest Ever GP Finish (56%)
    B) He Had a Heart Attack on Track (33%)
    C) None of the Above (11%)
    10 of 13:Which metal is commonly inserted into knee sliders to make sparks on contact with the road surface
    A) Magnesium (38%)
    B) Phosphorus (37%)
    C) Aluminium (25%)
    11 of 13:Which rare superbike featured oval pistons?
    A) Ducati 748 (23%)
    B) Honda NR750 (45%)
    C) Bimota SB6 (32%)
    12 of 13:Buell Motorcycle company were closely associated with which major manufacturer:
    A) Ducati (34%)
    B) Harley-Davidson (52%)
    C) Suzuki (14%)
    13 of 13:What is the correct spelling of this Italian Motorcycle maker?
    A) MV Augustae (32%)
    B) MZ Agustaea (41%)
    C) MV Agusta (27%)
    Answer: C

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