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    Caring Your Pet - amylyam quiZ questions and answers free

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    1 of 20: An animal's defenses against disease are affected by:
    A) Sanitation (14%)
    B) Exposure to the Infectious Agent (23%)
    C) Vaccination (20%)
    D) All of These (43%)
    Answer : D
    2 of 20: The immune system has two separate but coordinated "branches". What are they?
    A) Antibody Mediated and Cell Mediated (55%)
    B) Higher and Lower (22%)
    C) Acute and Chronic (23%)
    Answer : A
    3 of 20: Which of the following would be a vaccine-, animal-, or management - related reason for failure of protection against disease in a vaccinated animal?
    A) Inappropriate Vaccine Storage (21%)
    B) Poor Vaccine Response in a Sick or Stressed Animal (18%)
    C) Vaccination When Passive, Colostral Antibodies Are Present (18%)
    D) All of These (44%)
    Answer : B
    4 of 20: When treating a bacterial infection with antibiotics, you should stop treatment as soon as clinical signs are gone, even if only after one dose.
    A) True (52%)
    B) False (48%)
    Answer : A
    5 of 20: Most animals can absorb antibodies from colostrum ________.
    A) for the First 1-2 Hours of Life (15%)
    B) for the First 1-2 Days of Life (53%)
    C) Throughout Their Entire Lives (32%)
    Answer : B
    6 of 20: The flea is the ___________ of tapeworms.
    A) Precursor (23%)
    B) Intermediate Host (60%)
    C) Dead End Host (17%)
    Answer : B
    7 of 20: Most neonates do not start making their own antibodies until maternal antibodies have decreased.
    A) True (74%)
    B) False (26%)
    Answer : A
    8 of 20: _ is great tissue associated with healing, has lots of blood supply and is resistant to infection.
    A) Granulation Tissue (48%)
    B) Proud Flesh (32%)
    C) Scar Tissue (20%)
    Answer : A
    9 of 20: Inflammation is characterized by ___________.
    A) Swelling (16%)
    B) Redness (22%)
    C) Heat (19%)
    D) All of These (43%)
    Answer : D
    10 of 20: The proliferation phase of wound healing begins immediately and lasts for about 2-5 days.
    A) True (58%)
    B) False (42%)
    Answer : B
    11 of 20: If the vet gave you a powdered medication to administer to your dog, what i sthe easiest way to you give it?
    A) Dissolve It and Squirt It Down Their Esophagus (31%)
    B) In or on the Food (51%)
    C) Dissolve It and Inject It IM (17%)
    Answer : B
    12 of 20: :An abscess in the jowl region of a horse and profuse nasal discharge are symptoms of which contagious disease?
    A) Rhinopneumonitis (40%)
    B) Strangles (39%)
    C) Influenza (21%)
    Answer : A
    13 of 20: What contagious skin condition leaves small circular patches of bare skin?
    A) Round Worm (30%)
    B) Psoriasis (33%)
    C) Ringworm (37%)
    Answer : C
    14 of 20: What parasite most often causes colic in horses because they block the blood supply to the intestines?
    A) Roundworms (45%)
    B) Small Strongyles (32%)
    C) Large Strongyles (23%)
    Answer : C
    15 of 20: What test is required by US law to check for Equine Infectious Anemia?
    A) ELISA (20%)
    B) Coggins (48%)
    C) Immuno Assay (32%)
    Answer : B
    16 of 20: Which of the following respiration rates would fall in the normal range for a resting horse? (bpm= breaths per minute)
    A) 10 Bpm (46%)
    B) 20 Bpm (41%)
    C) 25 Bpm (12%)
    Answer : A
    17 of 20: You dip a lamb's navel with a betadine wash to prevent a cold.
    A) True (50%)
    B) False (50%)
    Answer : B
    18 of 20: Which of the following is NOT an external parasite?
    A) Lice (29%)
    B) Pinworms (56%)
    C) Mites (15%)
    Answer : B
    19 of 20: What insect is responsible for carrying Eastern Equine Encephalitis?
    A) Bot Flies (35%)
    B) Mosquitoes (44%)
    C) Horn Flies (21%)
    Answer : B
    20 of 20: What is the most likely problem or contamination in flowing surface water?
    A) Blue-green Algae (27%)
    B) High Iron Concentration (38%)
    C) Bacteria (36%)
    Answer : B

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